What an Eco-Friendly Credit Card Does That Others Don’t

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While most credit cards offer cash back rewards or travel bonus miles – among other incentives – for their card-holders, the Aspiration Zero credit card takes incentives to the next level with rewards for you and the planet.   

Unlike its competitors that frequently fund coal mining and fossil fuel projects, Aspiration Zero is a genuine, eco-friendly credit card that helps its clients offset their carbon footprint by planting trees and investing in eco-friendly charities.

Eco-friendly cards

Is an eco-friendly credit card even a possibility?

With global temperatures rising to record-breaking levels, it’s more important than ever to find ways  – big or small – to do our part to save the planet. An eco-friendly credit card is one way we can make a difference, one payment at a time. 

An eco-friendly credit card provider typically donates a percentage of every purchase to an eco-charity that fights for any number of social causes, from fighting global warming and economic injustice, to replanting trees to offset the carbon we emit into the atmosphere.

The Aspiration Zero goes one step further by planting a tree for every purchase of $1.50 or more that you make. The goal of this is to offset the CO2 you produce and help you achieve a carbon-neutral lifestyle every month.

By investing in eco-friendly causes and refusing to fund the fossil fuel industry, eco-friendly cards are now more important for our planet’s future than ever before!

An easy way to save the planet?

Imagine spending your money with a clear conscience, knowing that every time you use your credit card, your provider is fighting for a healthier, sustainable planet by donating a percentage of your purchase to eco-charities. Not to mention, at the same time, your personal carbon footprint will shrink, allowing you to get closer to a carbon-neutral lifestyle.

Many credit card companies are even offering cards made from recycled plastic (PETG or HDPE) that can be sourced from ocean plastic or other recycled or repurposed plastics. With billions of credit cards in the wallets of people all over the world, these eco-friendly cards can help free up space in our landfills.

On top of that, these cards are easy to use, and an effective way to fight climate change. Since a true, eco-friendly card has zero ties to the fossil fuel industry (and instead is aligned with eco-charities and non-profit organizations that are benefiting the environment), simply making a purchase is a simple and effective way to give back to the planet and fight for its future.

How green is your card?

How can you tell how green your credit card actually is? A little digging and background reading may be in order – especially in the fine print. Here are a few details to look out for:

  • Which eco-charities does your card provider support, and how does it support them – i.e., what percentage of their profits or customer fees do they donate to the organization?
  • What does the card provider’s carbon footprint look like? Are they connected to big banks, and the fossil fuel or coal mining industries, or are they funding politicians who actively legislate against climate change?

Benefits of eco-friendly cards

General material and investments 

Eco-friendly credit cards may be made of plastic, but many of them are in fact biodegradable or created from ocean plastic or recycled materials like HDPE – a more eco-friendly plastic. 

While, ideally, a card made of metal – or even be fully accessible virtually – small changes such as these can add up in the long run. 

Here are a few additional benefits that an eco-friendly credit card might have:

  • A low or 0% APR
  • A low or no annual fee
  • Paperless billing
  • .5%-1% cashback
  • For every purchase, the card provider may donate to an eco-charity or even plant a tree on your behalf
  • An alliance with eco-charities that are fighting for a greener future.

Comparing eco-friendly credit card options

Not all eco-friendly credit cards are created equal. 

In fact, some banking services barely donate anything to the charities they claim to support. Others, such as Bank of America, have released an eco-friendly card – while continuing to remain one of the largest investors in the fossil fuel industry.

Here are what a few other card issuers or financial service providers are offering with their eco-friendly credit cards:

Green America Rewards Credit Card

This non-profit is focused on clean energy and being an advocate for green businesses. With no annual fees charged to the cardholder and a 0% introductory APR, this credit card could be a great choice.  

League of Conservation Voters Visa Platinum

In addition to an annual fee and 9.99%-17.99% APR, a percentage of every purchase a cardholder makes is donated to the League of Conservation Voters, which is a group dedicated to clean energy, environmental justice, and other eco-causes.

Bank of America’s BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa for Defenders of Wildlife

It’s difficult to ignore Bank of America’s clear ties to the fossil fuel industry, but with its eco-friendly card, it claims that “$1 is donated to Defenders of Wildlife when you open your account and an additional $0.05 will be contributed on your behalf for every $100 you spend.”

Take it to the next level with Aspiration 

Unlike other financial service providers, the neobank Aspiration has zero connection to the fossil-fuel industry.

In fact, it actively fights it by donating 10% of every dollar its customers pay to eco-charities that focus on clean and renewable energy sources.

In addition to a low annual fee and a low annual APR%, Aspiration offers a 1% cash-back incentive to its customers for every month they reach carbon-zero. 

With its user-friendly app, Aspiration promises each customer the ability to track their daily spending and the impact their purchases have on the environment. 

What’s more, with every purchase, Aspiration promises to plant a tree, offsetting the carbon you emit. And, if you choose to round up your purchase (for example, a purchase of $23.77 could be rounded up to $24.00), Aspiration will keep the change and plant another tree in your honor. 

Small changes can lead to bigger, greener results.

Your money’s never been greener

If you’re looking for an authentically eco-friendly credit card, the Aspiration Zero could be a great choice for you – and the planet!

In anticipation of its upcoming launch, Aspiration Zero allows you to register your email and join its waiting list

To find out more about sustainable finance, or to register for the Aspiration Zero, check out Aspiration today!

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