The Best Debit Card Designs To Spruce Up Your Wallet

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Few financial tools are as ubiquitous across the globe as the humble debit card. Almost every bank account comes with its own debit card. This small piece of plastic enables account holders to make transactions and withdraw cash from ATMs across the globe. 

Debit cards have been around for a very long time. The first debit card may have been launched back in 1966 as per a report by the Kansas City Federal Reserve. The card was piloted by the Bank of Delaware. The idea was to provide customers with an easy way of conducting transactions without having to carry cash.

As the wave of ATMs swept throughout the country in the ’80s and ’90s, the use of debit cards really picked up. Customers appreciated the convenience of having access to the cash in their bank at all times. They no longer had to visit a bank branch for the simple task of withdrawing money from their account.

The use of debit cards literally exploded in the subsequent decades. Debit cards were used in almost 300 million transactions back in 1990. The number had surged to 37.6 billion by 2009.

The vast majority of banks issue debit cards with their checking and savings accounts. Some entice customers with the promise of low fees or even cashback offers. Others differentiate their products by offering higher transaction limits. 

That being said, there’s often little customers can do to customize debit card designs. Banks usually adorn these cards with their own branding. No customer input is sought with regards to the color scheme or the images that are plastered on the card. 

Some banks have recognized that customers prefer being able to personalize debit cards. They have started allowing them to put their own personal touches on the cards before they’re shipped out. 

Those who find themselves with banks that don’t allow debit card personalization have to rely on third-party services. Fortunately, there are quite a few of them that make it very easy to get a custom debit card design.

Can you design your own debit card?

Some major banks in the United States allow their customers to design their own debit card. They have created online tools through which customers can choose to have one of their own photos or other images printed on their debit card. Some of these banks also provide an extensive online library of images that customers can choose from. 

It’s important to keep in mind that banks have strict image guidelines that customers must follow. Images that are not compliant with the guidelines will be rejected and therefore, won’t be printed on the cards. 

For those who are with a bank that doesn’t allow customization or has far too strict image guidelines, there are third-party services. There are a variety of third-party options available to customize the look and even the feel of your debit card. 

Many service providers offer custom skins for debit cards and there are even some companies that will swap out the payment stripe and chip from your plastic card and transfer it to a shiny new metal card.

What are the different types of debit card designs?

Debit cards were initially designed landscape due to the way old card machines worked. They were also embossed with raised numbers so that the card numbers could be easily printed onto a sales voucher.

That design is still in use for the vast majority of debit cards issued by banks across the globe. Machines that required landscape cards aren’t used as widely as before, so this design is outdated.

That’s one of the reasons why most banks, particularly online banks that are quick to embrace innovation, now issue cards designed in portrait. It’s the obvious design choice based on the way we use debit cards now. 

Whether that’s sliding the card into a POS slot or an ATM, the portrait card design is the most obvious solution to how we live our lives today.

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Does it cost money to customize your debit card?

It will cost you money to customize your debit card. Precisely how much depends on a variety of factors. If your bank allows debit card customization, it’s likely going to charge a fee for the service. The fee varies by bank. 

Some banks may not charge a fee at all. For example, Wells Fargo offers its Card Design Studio service for free to customers who want to personalize the design of their cards.

Third-party options like skins or metal cards are obviously going to cost money. You can shop around to find the service provider that offers exactly what you’re looking for at a competitive price. 

The best places to get custom debit card designs

CUCU Covers

CUCU Covers makes it very simple to customize the look of your debit card. Pick out a design from the wide variety that it offers and have it sent to you via email. CUCU Covers offers stick-on covers so all you need to do is stick it on your card and you’re set. 

A special material is used in the production of these covers to ensure that you can continue to insert, swipe and tap the way you used to before. Many variations are offered so these covers are able to fit just about any debit card.

Aside from offering pre-made designs, CUCU Cover also has a Create Your Own service where you can make a truly personalized cover.


Blitz Covers also provides stick-on covers for debit cards. It has full and half covers on offer with a variety of fits to ensure that your chosen cover fits your card perfectly. The card will work just the way it did before even with the cover on.

There are some great pre-made options, including some funny covers emblazoned with viral memes. If that’s not to your liking, use Blitz’s tool to create your very own stick-on debit card cover. 


WrapCart has created residue-free, scratch-free, and bubble-free custom debit card skins. They’re weatherproof to ensure longevity. The skins are precision cut so they will fit your card perfectly.

It’s very easy to create your own skin with WrapCart. Simply upload the desired image and add text. You can also identify your card type and shape so that the skin is a precise fit for your card. 

You can also browse the many different designs on offer to choose a ready-made option.


Etsy is a great resource for handmade custom products. There’s no shortage of sellers on the platform that provides custom debit card designs. There are some really unique designs to choose from. 

The best thing about these skins is that they’re easily replaceable. So you can easily switch up the look as frequently as you desire.

Your local bank

It’s also worth asking your local bank if they allow custom debit card designs. That’s going to be a bit different from a custom skin, since changing the design would then require an entirely new card to be issued. There are often costs associated with card replacements. 

Nevertheless, if you prefer the custom design to be properly printed on your card, talk to your local bank and see if they provide the service. If not, you can shop around and choose a bank that does offer the service. 

Some wild debit card designs to get you inspired

Many people want a custom debit card design because they view it as an extension of their personality. It’s a great way for them to highlight a cause that they feel very strongly about as well. Their values are projected through a payment card that they often hand out multiple times a day.

Being mindful of this reality, Aspiration has created modern portrait design debit cards for customers that use its cash management account. The cards highlight Aspiration’s commitment to clean money and its mission to protect the environment.

Customers who opt for the Aspiration Plus cash management account receive a debit card that’s made from recycled ocean plastic. Those who feel strongly about cleaning up our oceans can play their part by obtaining this card, knowing that their debit card helped removed a bit of plastic from the ocean.

Open an account with Aspiration today and help make the world a better place for generations to come.

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