6 Sustainable Companies to Invest In

To develop and support a thriving green economy—where every sector operates with the planet’s future in mind—an investor must strive to build an eco-friendly portfolio.

For first-time investors, long-time traders, and environmentalists alike, we’ve assembled a list of six sustainable companies to invest in. 

While you should do your part to invest as much in your local green economy as you do in the stock market, the following green companies are well-established on the market and in the sustainable investing scene. 

#1 Beyond Meat (BYND)

Beyond Meat prioritizes climate action and the building of a sustainable future in their quest to create the perfect plant-based meat. 

Meat production—particularly beef production—is a significant contributor to worldwide emissions. Fortunately, Beyond Meat is preparing the world for a transition to plant-based foods without sacrificing those quintessential meat flavors. 

Compared to a quarter-pound beef burger, producing a Beyond Meat burger:

  • Generates 90% less greenhouse gas emissions
  • Demands 46% less energy
  • Has more than 99% less impact on water scarcity
  • Requires 93% less land use

When it comes to eco friendly companies to invest in, Beyond Meat is a top contender for your sustainable investing strategy.

#2 Autodesk (ADSK)

Autodesk creates computer-aided drafting (CAD) software for use in the architecture, engineering, geological, and construction industries (just to name a few). 

Their sustainability goals and efforts are two-fold:

  • Bolstering sustainable design – Their Building Information Modeling (BIM) software provides designers and drafters with crucial energy efficiency information, making green building design easier than ever. 
  • Operating sustainably – Autodesk uses 100% renewable energy to power their buildings, cloud services, and data centers. They’ve reduced their greenhouse emissions with this renewable energy by 43% since 2009, and they’re currently pursuing 100% climate neutrality.

Autodesk puts their money where their mouth is—in their products and operations. If you’re looking for a responsible investment, Autodesk is a great company to consider.

#3 Cisco (CSCO)

Cisco provides networking, security, wireless, and software technologies for businesses, industrial facilities, homes, and more. But, they also have nuanced, detailed, and actionable sustainability goals and plans that epitomize eco-friendliness.

Cisco aims to make positive environmental action in the following four areas:

  • Energy efficiency – They aim to use renewables as a primary energy source for their operations facilities, products, and services. In 2021, 85% of their energy came from renewable sources.
  • Innovation – Cisco supports multiple innovation initiatives, and they prioritize sustainability in their product design. 
  • Employee empowerment – Via volunteering campaigns, leadership conferences, and interactive platforms, Cisco encourages and empowers employees to live and work sustainably.
  • Water and waste – The company supports local water restoration and water efficiency projects, and has diverted 80% of its landfill-bound waste to recycling, composting, and donation efforts. 

#4 Campbell’s Soup (CPB)

A household name for over 150 years, Campbell’s Soup is a dark horse in the food sustainability movement. In addition to their multi-tiered plans to promote food access and animal welfare, Campbell’s Soup also touts an impressive sustainability plan that includes:

  • Combating climate change
  • Seeking, promoting, and using sustainable water sources
  • Eliminating waste in the production process
  • Improving circularity—recyclability—in their product packaging

They’re also committed to the Science Based Targets (SBT) initiative to reduce emissions, harvest ingredients sustainably, and decrease plastic production and waste. 

Campbell’s Soup’s eco-friendly plan certainly cuts the mustard.

#5 GE (GE)

One of the biggest names in green energy for more than 120 years, General Electric (GE) is leading the charge in renewables technologies, harvesting, and production. Not only have they pledged to exit the new-build coal power market, but they also support the Paris Climate Agreement and the first-ever global regulation of aircraft emissions. 

Their most important aim is to advance the global transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy by:

  • Scaling renewables (like wind power) cost-effectively
  • Developing hydrogen- and carbon-capturing technologies
  • Digitizing and modernizing the US power grid
  • Researching hybrid and electric flight technologies
  • Advancing carbonless nuclear energy generation

GE certainly makes the list of the best green companies to invest in for sustainable investment strategies.

#6 UPS (UPS)

Perhaps surprisingly, green operations at UPS are becoming as ubiquitous as their brown logo.

They aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and currently use more than 13,000 alternatively-fueled vehicles to transport packages across the globe. While the company has a long way to go, they display admirable transparency by publishing their:

  • Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosures annual reports
  • Industry-specific sustainability standards
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports

Other UPS goals include decreasing emissions by 50% by 2035, reaching 100% renewable electric power by 2035, and increasing their use of alternative ground fleet fuel to 40% by 2025. 

Aspiration: Investing in Positive Change

Adding any of the above companies to your investment portfolio displays your commitment to the green economy. But, your holdings aren’t the only things that should embody your environmentalist spirit. Sustainable banking is the next step to a greener future.

At Aspiration, we’re revolutionizing sustainable financial services. Not only can you support our sustainable investment fund, but you can also promote positive change by using our everyday financial services, like our green credit card

Unlike big banks, we put your money where our mouth is. Instead of using your hard-earned cash to fund environmentally irresponsible projects and products, we bolster non-profit organizations and carbon offsetting programs that will secure the planet’s future. 

If you’re looking for a financial services provider that embodies your values, look no further than Aspiration. 


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