PODCAST: Making Epic Money

Michelle Jackson

Welcome to Making Epic Money, a new podcast about maximizing your wealth no matter your starting point.

Making Epic Money Episode 6: Do Women Benefit From Women-Only Coworking Spaces?

On this episode of Making Epic Money, host Michelle Jackson chats with entrepreneur-investor Tela Holcomb and financial advisor Susan Jensch about the rising trend in women-only co-working spaces. Do these spaces really benefit women in their careers? Is it better to work in single-sex environments? And should we all be signing up?

Making Epic Money Episode 5: Building a Business, One Side Hustle at a Time

On this episode of Making Epic Money host Michelle Jackson speaks with Sandy Smith, the creative mind behind the website “Yes, I Am Cheap” and the Hustle Crew community on Facebook. Smith paid off $50,000 in debt through side hustles and now she’s helping other women do the same.

Making Epic Money Episode 4: Successful Careers Aren’t a Destination, They’re a Journey

Host Michelle Jackson explores the long journey of building a successful career, charging what you’re worth, and ditching money shame with financial therapist, mamapreneur, and Art of Money founder, Bari Tessler.

Making Epic Money Episode 3: Should You Do the Side Hustle?

Host Michelle Jackson explores whether earning extra money with a “side hustle” really makes sense. Her guests are attorney and CPA Sonya Smith-Valentine, founder of the personal finance site Financially Fierce, and entrepreneur Keisha Rivers, founder of professional development firm KARS Group.

Making Epic Money Episode 2: How to Outsmart Underearning

Host Michelle Jackson interviews “You Only Live Once” author Jason Vitug, Money Smart Latina founder Athena Lent, and business coach and author Amanda Abella about getting paid what you’re worth.

Making Epic Money Episode 1: Making Your Job Work for You

Host Michelle Jackson interviews millennial money expert Stefanie O’Connell about how young professionals can make the most of their income, from taking advantage of company sponsored benefits to asking for a raise.