MasterCard World Credit Card vs. Aspiration Zero: Which Is Better?

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Looking for a credit card with a conscience? We compare the MasterCard World and Aspiration Zero cards to decide which is the best fit for your lifestyle. 

Both Mastercard and Aspiration have committed themselves to help lead the charge to combat climate change. The Mastercard World and Aspiration Zero cards can both be excellent options for consumers looking to lessen the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions. 

Quick Comparison 

In a hurry? Check out the key differences between these cards in the table below. 

Card Mastercard World Credit Card Aspiration Zero 
Recommended Minimum Credit Score 630 680
Best For Bonus offers

Cashback with no restrictions

Green commitment


Green commitment

Achieving net-zero carbon emissions

Annual Fee $0 first year, $79/year after $60
Special Offer Varies by World Card $300 welcome bonus with $3,000 spent in first 90-days
Rewards 1.8% cashback on all purchases  Up to 1% Cash Back
Introductory APR 0% APR First 15 Billing Cycles (varies by World Card) See terms
Standard APR 15.99-24.99% variable See terms
  • Excellent bonus offers 
  • Tons of travel perks
  • Solid cashback
  • Fair interest rate
  • Plants up to 2 trees for every purchase made
  • Helps you achieve carbon zero
  • Card made from recycled plant matter
  • Won’t help you achieve carbon neutral 
  • High annual fee
  • Full details haven’t been released yet

Who is each card best for? 

While both cards aim to provide a more environmentally-friendly approach to personal finance, there are a few key differences between the two. 

Mastercard World

The World Mastercard is available from several different banks, each with different benefit packages. 

If you want to take it up a notch, there’s also the World Elite card that provides even more bonuses and benefits. These cards are a bit more exclusive and carry a higher annual fee. The Mastercard World is widely considered to be an excellent card with fair terms and generous perks. 

For those who are conscious about how their purchasing decisions affect the environment, Mastercard has made serious investments in a greener future. Mastercard has pledged to reduce carbon emissions by 38% by 2025, and each and every building that Mastercard owns also owns a LEED certification for green building practices. 

Mastercard is also a leading financial institution when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of its products. The brand has developed standards that over 100 institutions are currently employing that govern the use of first-use plastics. Your next Mastercard will consist of bio-sourced recycled materials and ocean plastics as part of this initiative. 

Aspiration Zero

In contrast, the Aspiration Zero card is much newer to the game. Yet, despite this, the buzz surrounding this card makes clear Aspiration’s commitment to the environment and offsetting carbon emissions. 

Aspiration Zero takes its commitment to a greener earth a step further, empowering card owners to take control over their impact on the planet by monitoring the carbon footprint of their purchases. 

Not only can you track your carbon footprint through the app, but for each purchase you make with your Aspiration Zero card, they’ll plant one tree on your behalf – and a second tree for each time you round up your purchase. 

This year, Aspiration will plant over five million trees and hopes to plant 100 million trees over the decade. 

The better choice

While which card is best for you will likely ultimately come down to personal preference, it may be helpful to explore the features of both cards.

Cashback and bonuses

Which card offers more to its users? Well, this largely depends on what’s most important to you.

Both cards provide exciting bonuses and cashback – here’s how the two stack up against each other.

Mastercard World offers perks galore 

With your World Mastercard, you’ll have access to perks like three months of free DashPass service, which provides free delivery and reduced fees on orders from DoorDash. HelloFresh customers can enjoy 5% cashback on their orders when they pay with their World card, and you can even earn a $5 credit from Lyft for every three rides you take each month.

World users also enjoy a complimentary ShopRunner membership, which entitles you to free 2-day shipping and returns from more than 100 popular retailers, such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales.

Beyond the excellent shopping and entertainment perks, the World Card helps protect you against life’s everyday disasters. Use your World card to pay your cell phone bill, and you’ll receive loss and breakage protection up to $1000 per year. 

You’ll also enjoy Mastercard’s legendary travel and fraud services, such as zero-liability and identity theft protection, and emergency services when you’re traveling abroad. Your World card also provides access to legendary experiences and events that aren’t open to non-cardholders. 

Beyond the extras and perks, the Mastercard World card is an excellent choice for cashback. You’ll enjoy 1.8% cashback on everything you purchase with this card. There are no rotating categories or moving targets for you to hit like with other cards, making this an excellent choice for users who want cashback from all their purchases. 

Aspiration Zero’s planet-saving perks  

The ultimate allure of Aspiration Zero is the neobank’s firm commitment to a greener future. 

The Aspiration Zero card provides cashback of up to 1% when you reach carbon zero each month, meaning it’s not only the planet that benefits from your purchases. 

New cardholders can also enjoy a healthy welcome bonus when they spend $3,000 within the first 90 days of opening their Aspiration Zero account. Cardholders who hit the $3,000 threshold will receive a $300 credit on their bill. 

The biggest perk of this card is probably the knowledge that your money is being invested in sustainable projects, which can be somewhat of a rarity among other financial institutions. 

Fees, APR, & Overall Value 

Both of these cards offer an array of different benefits, and depending on your needs and wants, you’re probably beginning to form an idea of which card is right for you. 

Before you can figure that out, you need to consider the fees, rates, and overall costs of owning one of these cards. Here’s what you’ll want to consider. 

Fair and balanced fees from Mastercard World

The Mastercard World card delivers exceptional value, thanks in part to its reasonable fees and interest rates. 

Since Mastercard offers several different World cards, the fee structure does vary. For the most part, each card provides a $0 annual fee for the first year, followed by a $79 fee each year after that. The interest rate varies depending on creditworthiness from as low as 15.99% to as high as 24.99%. 

While the World card carries a relatively high annual fee, the fee can pay for itself if you regularly take advantage of the card’s perks. 

Still learning about Aspiration Zero 

Since Aspiration Zero is still ramping up towards their general product launch, there’s little information available about their interest rates.

As for fees, the Aspiration Zero card comes with a modest $60 annual fee, which is especially fair considering the excellent work that Aspiration is doing for the greater good of the world.  

Mastercard World vs. Aspiration Zero: The Final Verdict 

Both the Mastercard World card and Aspiration Zero are excellent credit cards that offer strikingly different perks and benefits. 

The World card is a classic choice with Mastercard’s leading perks programs and protections, and the company has made significant strides to make their operations greener for a better planet. 

On the other hand, the Aspiration Zero offers a cheaper annual fee, provides a free app that helps you to track and offset your carbon footprint, and guarantees your money is safe with a company that has made a clear commitment to sustainable practices. 

If you are curious about Aspiration, you can check out the Aspiration Zero card and other Aspiration cards today! 

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