Can I Customize my Debit Card?

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As humans, we have a wish to stand out, make our mark on the world, and establish our own separate identities. That’s why we prefer customization, be that in something as mundane as the wallpaper on our phones or a custom debit card for our wallet

A debit card is an essential object that countless people across the globe rely upon every single day. It provides you with quick and easy access to the cash in your account. Not only that, but the card also makes it possible for you to make payments on the go by simply swiping or tapping it at a point-of-sale terminal. 

Debits cards are generic by nature. They all have the same inherent purpose which is to provide the owner 24/7 access to the funds that they already hold in their savings or checking account. 

Since they’re not a credit card, users can only access the funds that they already have, rather than a credit line that’s extended to them by their bank.

To address these shortcomings, financial institutions have come up with different ways of providing customization options to their customers. They don’t want to be the odd one out by providing the same old boring debit cards to customers. 

Custom debit cards allow customers to essentially make their debit cards an extension of their personality.

What is a custom debit card?

Would you rather have an image with which you have a special memory attached to the debit card or your bank’s branding? For many, the former is the most obvious choice. That’s why banks allow their customers to obtain a custom debit card. 

Think of a custom debit card like any other accessory. Wouldn’t you buy shoes, bags, or other accessories that complement your style? Why shouldn’t the same consideration be given to the cards you carry in your wallet?

Whether you have a family picture that you like to have with you at all times or you just want to see the cute face of your dog every single time you use your debit card, having a custom debit card will enable you to relive your most precious moments. 

How much will it cost to get cute debit card designs?

Ordering a custom debit card is typically not a major expense. Some banks and banking service providers don’t even charge their customers a single penny for ordering a customized card. Some do have fees associated with the service that is deducted from the customer’s account once the card is shipping out to them. 

Some of the biggest banks in the United States and elsewhere help customers who don’t know how to customize a debit card by offering a professional card design service. The service enables them to see a preview of what their desired image will look like on the card. Some also offer an extensive library of stock images that customers can use for their cards as well. 

It’s pertinent to note that these organizations do ensure that customers are following their image guidelines. Anything that’s not considered to be appropriate is likely to be rejected by the card design service providers, so it’s not like customers can have just about whatever they want to be displayed on their debit card.

Does a custom debit card function differently than a regular debit card?

A custom debit card doesn’t function any differently than a regular debit card. Both perform the same job, in that they enable the cardholder to access the funds that they already have in their account. 

Many banking organizations even allow the customization of their prepaid debit cards. This is a popular option among companies that want to hand out debit cards to their employees that are adorned with the company’s logo. 

Since these prepaid cards have a set value, the company also knows the financial outlay that it will have when handing out these debit cards to its employees.

A prepaid debit card works no differently than the card you get for your checking account. The only difference here is that there’s no possibility of going into overdraft with a prepaid card since it won’t allow access to any funds beyond the stated value of the card itself. 

That isn’t the case with a regular debit card, customized or not. Customers run the risk of going into overdraft and racking up fees if they’re not mindful of their spending habits with the card. 

Either way, the way a custom debit card is used is the same as a debit card. What’s printed on the surface of the card is irrelevant to the ways that it can be used. 

The same card can be linked to a mobile payments service like Apple Pay, it can be used for NFC transactions, and simply for drawing cash from the ATM. 

Get your own custom credit card skins and debit card covers

Custom debit card covers are a popular solution among those who wish to frequently change the look of their card or are customers of a bank that doesn’t provide custom debit cards. This way, they can still obtain the benefits of customization and also switch up the look whenever they want. 

There are quite a few services available online that not only sell custom debit card skins but also credit card stickers and covers. Just visit the online store of any of these services and order a design that suits your personality. They’ll ship it out to you and the skin can then be easily stuck on the debit card. 

These skins are usually made of premium materials so there’s a low chance of them degrading with use over time. The skins don’t hinder any functionality of the debit card so it can still be used to swipe or insert at payment terminals.

How to get a custom debit card from Aspiration

Aspiration offers a powerful debit card with its accounts. It can be used anywhere a conventional debit card can be used. 

Furthermore, the debit cards provided by Aspiration are also compatible with leading mobile payments services like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay.

Customers are prompted for further verification through either a call or a text message when linking up their card with their preferred payments service.

Aspiration cards can also be customized by users, so they can make them an extension of their personality. Aspiration puts the power of the Mastercard network in your hands with its debit cards. 

More environmentally-conscious customers will prefer the card offered with the Aspiration Plus account as it’s made from recycled ocean plastic.

Unlike the top banks in the United States that lend out over $240 billion of their customers’ money to fossil fuel projects, Aspiration remains 100% committed to clean money. 

Customers can have peace of mind that their deposits won’t go towards funding fossil fuel projects like oil drilling, pipelines, and coal mines. 

Aspiration also plants a tree every time customers swipe their debit cards, this has the climate saving impact of over 42,000 miles being driven by an average car for every customer.

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