Most of Us Are Confident We Can File Our Taxes, but We Hate Doing It.


Tax day is less than a month away, and over a quarter of Americans think it would be easier to go a week without their cell phone than file their taxes.

Tax preparation company TaxSlayer released a new survey revealing that over three quarters of the U.S. are confident that we are capable of doing our taxes, but it really stresses us out.

“For many people, filing taxes can be stressful, but all it takes is the right planning, preparation and software to make it simple, easy and manageable,” Daniel Eubanks, Taxslayer’s director of regulatory affairs and compliance said. “When it comes to taxes, knowledge is power and learning is continuous.”

The results of the survey showed 53 percent of Americans aren’t confident in their ability to accurately file their taxes without help, but 72 percent of us are OK —if we file using a computer or online tax software.

Here are a few other fun facts the survey found of what people would rather do than file their taxes…

  • 27 percent said they’d rather locate constellations in the night sky

  • 23 percent think going a week without a car is easier than tax preparation

  • 18 percent answered they’d rather memorize all of the U.S. presidents in order

All kidding aside, Americans really shouldn’t procrastinate on filing this year with the assistance of a professional or online tax program. Delays open yourself up to tax refund identity theft and make it harder to plan your finances.

Plus last year, higher tax penalties and lower tax bills were projected for 2017, and the IRS will penalize those who fail to file or produce correct information in their return.

Filing your taxes may be a pain, but that doesn’t mean it has to cost us money. Anyone who earned $64,000 or less in 2016—more than 70 percent of taxpayers—may use Free File software available through the IRS.