Climate Week: Finance, Environmental Racism, and Other Ways the World Is Turning Up the Heat

Make Change Staff

In November, the Make Change staff got together to ask some of our most pressing climate questions about areas where environment has with less obvious but still important impacts. From racism to childcare to investments to vacation travel, we probed our expertise to uncover the less-addressed ways that climate is impacting us all. Then we set to work answering those questions, and the result was Climate Week: a full week of stories covering all angles of our relationship with the environment.

Is Climate Change Impacting Your Investments?


If you’re on solid ground with an equally solid portfolio, you might feel like you’re not in danger of climate impacts. We dove into the climate investment issue to find out whether that’s true.

Does Climate Change Discriminate?

On the surface, the environment can seem like a colorblind issue. It’s all about the green, right? Wrong—race and class are huge determining factors in how hard communities get hit by climate change.

Building a Hurricane-Proof Future for Housing

The United Nations predicts widespread climate impacts by 2040, but in many cities, climate-caused natural disasters are happening now. Is it possible to build infrastructure that can withstand our new reality?

How to Talk to Kids about Climate Change without Terrifying Them

It’s hard enough figuring out how to cope with climate news as adults. How is this generation of parents supposed to explain it to their kids? Take a look at the child psychology behind parenting through an environmental crisis.

Should You Flush It? This Chart Will Help You Decide

Sound like a childish question? It should be, but you might be surprised. We put together this handy flowchart (flushchart?) to help you decide what goes down.

10 Destinations Being “Disappeared” by Climate Change

Vacation, all I ever wanted; vacation, had to get away…except these 10 destinations might not be there when you arrive. These popular travel spots are also on the front lines of climate change, which means we may not have them for very much longer.