Forget the Bad: These Are 10 of the Best Heartwarming Stories from 2018

Make Change Staff

We’ve all been under the constant barrage worrying news this year—and it has been stressing us out. Under the weight of so many dark and foreboding headlines, it can be difficult to look up and see the good side of humanity. But the good side of humanity is out there every day. These are just 10 stories from 2018 that showcase hope and kindness in a world that needs it.

Ghanaian teacher teaches Microsoft Word on a blackboard

The junior high school in Ghana where Richard Appiah Akoto teaches hadn’t owned a computer in more than seven years. But he knew his kids needed to know how to work with software for their future careers. What could he do? Simple. He picked up some multicolored chalk and drew a Microsoft Word facsimile on his blackboard.

Images of Akoto’s intricate Word recreations went viral, and one month later, in came donated desktops and laptops for the school, while Microsoft flew Akoto to Singapore for free training.

10 year-old gets adopted for her birthday

After spending three years in foster care, 10-year-old Ivy received a heart-melting birthday present: her foster parents were not only going to adopt her, but her 3-year-old brother and 2-year-old sister as well.

Dog found waiting by rubble after Camp Fire consumes home

When Andrea Gaylord was forced to escape the deadly Camp Fire in Northern California, she wasn’t allowed to return home to fetch anything—including her two dogs, Madison and Miguel. Miguel was found 100 miles away in a nearby town, rescued by a volunteer organization. But Madison was still missing, and she couldn’t return to her home for weeks as the fire burned out.

When Gaylord finally made it back, she found Madison guarding the rubble of what was once her house, patiently waiting for his mom to return.

Landslide of donations roll in after robbers hit 14-year-old’s rock museum

A 14-year-old boy from Saskatchewan, Canada, was distraught after thieves stole roughly $8,000 worth of rocks and minerals from the tiny rock museum he’d funding in 2016 by mowing lawns and raking leaves for two years. But once the news broke, geology departments, museums, and good Samaritans all-around North America poured in donations for the young guy to rock an even better collection.

Hundreds of dads show up after middle school mentorship call

After anticipating a dad shortage for their “Breakfast with Dad” event, a Dallas-area middle school asked for 50 extra male mentors to make sure no student was alone. More than 600 dads answered the call.

Student walks all night to make his first job, gets car

When this Birmingham, Alabama college student’s car broke down the night before his new job, he didn’t call in. Instead, he woke up at midnight and walked over 20 miles for four hours to make his first day on time. Thanks to the help of some kind and concerned police officers who drove him the rest of the way—and bought him some early- a.m. breakfast—he made it early. His new boss, under the guise of meeting him for coffee to say thanks, gave the student a new car.

Grocery store clerk helps autistic teen

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a supermarket employee noticed an autistic teen watching him stock groceries. The clerk asked if he wanted to help. For the next half-hour, the clerk patiently showed the teen how to stock, getting the teen to open up to a stranger for the first time in years. Once the teen’s dad posted the video on Facebook, the community rallied, raising more than $100,000 through GoFundMe to send the 20-year-old to college, while a local credit union surprised him with a car.

UK teen saves lives through simple, inspirational notes

After struggling with her own post-traumatic stress disorder, 18-year-old Paige Hunter began taping notes to the Wearmouth Bridge in Sunderland, England, with uplifting messages like, “Don’t you dare give up on this life. Not tonight. Not tomorrow. Not ever.” So far, Hunter says eight people have reached out to her to tell her how the small gesture changed their lives.

‘Unadoptable’ dog becomes first deaf K9 in Washington state

Energetic, occasionally indifferent, and deaf, Ghost was deemed “unadoptable” and scheduled to be euthanized in Florida before a rescue halfway across the country stepped in. Olympic Peninsula Humane Society in Seattle, Washington, rescued the pit bull-mix and helped him find the perfect trainer, Barb Davenport. Through the hard work of Davenport and the rescue, Ghost is now living with a handler and finishing up training to become the state’s first deaf K9.

People searched for ‘good’ more than ever before

Google’s annual Year in Search revealed that the world wasn’t all caught up in the negatives—around the world, people used the word “good” in their 2018 searches more than any previous year. Searches like “how to be a good role model,” “how to be a good kisser” and “what makes a good friend” were some popular phrases among Googlers. Google’s Year in Search 2018 video is a heartfelt reminder of all the good people we share this world with.