Toxic Halloween Makeup Kits Are Scary! Try These DIY Versions Instead

Trisha Sprouse-Walker

Every October, your kiddos drag you down the face paint aisle, begging for one of those cheap-o paint face paint kits so you can turn them into little monsters or slap on a gory, bloody scar. And it is hard to resist. You remember being a kid: that stuff was really cool. But it is also really toxic. A 2016 report by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and released by the Breast Cancer Fund and the California Public Interest Research Group found that nearly half of the face paint kits tested showed traces of dangerous ingredients like lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals. Considering heavy metals are linked to everything from learning disabilities to cancer, it really makes you rethink the overpriced, store bought gunk. But you can still give your kids the Halloween costume of their dreams (or their nightmares). The solution? Make your own with non-toxic, moisturizing ingredients you already have in your home.