5 Things to Know Today: March 23, 2017

Liz Biscevic: 5 Things to Know Today

You’re over the hump! Here’s are 5 things you need to know as you round out your week.

1. Buzzfeed: If you’re in California, your DoorDash order might be delivered by a robot. 
Starting today, DoorDash will add a fleet of robots to their staff in addition to the human couriers that normally deliver people’s food. The six-wheeled delivery robots are starting out in Redwood City, California, and will be used to send food from restaurants to customers on short-distance orders. DoorDash co-founder and chief product officer Stanley Tang said he sees them as a complement to their human employees, not a replacement.

2. Triple Pundit: Timberland and Thread are teaming up to drive social impact in Haiti.
Recently, Timberland, the footwear company famous for rugged boots, announced a partnership with Thread, a certified B Corporation that transforms plastic bottles from the streets of Haiti and Honduras into fabric. The Timberland X Thread collection features five styles of men’s footwear, one t-shirt, and two bags. Half of the clothing is made from Thread’s ‘Ground to Good’ material, and the bags are almost exclusively made from Thread’s recycled fabric. The products are available online and in Timberland stores.

3. Market Watch: Camping participation is growing as record numbers of minorities join the trend.
Camping is traditionally associated with white Americans, but a new study found that minority campers now comprise 26 percent of all campers—which is more than double than what it was in 2012. Millennials are the biggest driver of this growth with 60 percent of nonwhite campers falling into that age demographic compared to the 40 percent of nonwhite campers in older generations.

4. NBC: Germany passed a bill that would erase homosexuality convictions for gay men. 
Yesterday, Germany passed a bill that would overturn the convictions of thousands of gay men who were criminalized for their homosexuality in post-WWII Germany and grant compensation for those affected who are still alive. Around 50,000 men were convicted between 1949 and 1969 and, though being gay was decriminalized in 1969, the crime remained on their records. The bill that passed on Wednesday would grant 3,000 euros for each conviction and 1,500 euros for every year spent in jail.

5. Quartz: Domino’s stock has outperformed Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple for over 10 years. 
Domino’s share price growth has outperformed the world’s largest tech companies—investments have grown more than 2,000 percent since 2010. This steady increase began after they switched its old recipe for a better tasting one in late 2009, but Domino’s will say their improvement is more complex than changing the dough—it was about admitting to the public they had been selling a crappy product, and then making a solid commitment to do better.