Amex EveryDay Credit Card Review: Rates and Sustainability

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If you’re thinking of getting a credit card for everyday purchases, the Amex Everyday credit card could be a good match for you.

As one of Amex’s entry-level credit cards, it helps people with decent credit scores, and in some cases, even customers with little to no credit history, get a start with Amex’s Membership Rewards program. You earn points for each transaction you make, which can be redeemed for gift cards, travel benefits, and even cash reward donations to your favorite charities.

The card comes with a favorable 0% introductory APR on all purchases within the first 15 months of account opening to help you get acquainted with credit card usage. Plus, you don’t need to pay an annual fee to use this card.

In this article, we look at who the Amex Everyday credit card is for and what features it offers.

The Amex EveryDay Credit Card at a glance 

The Amex Everyday credit card is American Express’s starter card for earning Membership Rewards. With this card, customers can accumulate hundreds of points through everyday use at supermarkets, gas stations, and shops. 

Customers are entitled to earn 2 Membership Rewards points per every dollar spent at supermarkets, and 1 point per dollar spent on other purchases. In the months that you use the card to make 20 purchases or more, Amex rewards you with a 20% points bonus on top of the total points earned.

Additionally, if you spend $1,000 in the first 3 months, you’re entitled to receive 10,000 introductory points to start your points collection. You can use this offer in combination with the 0% introductory APR that’s valid for the first 15 months to make some large purchases. You’ll receive bonus points for making the purchases and keep your balance interest-free during this period.

What credit score do you need to get the Amex Everyday Credit Card?

You just need a decent credit score to get the Amex Everyday credit card. Because it’s an entry-level credit card, Amex will consider your application if you have a minimum credit score of between 670 and 700.

It’s believed that Amex has set a low credit score requirement for the Everyday credit card to help people who are building their credit benefit from Amex’s rewards program. A credit score of 670 indicates that the cardholder has a card balance that is relatively equal to their credit limit, and a history of missing one or more utility, rental, or credit card payments in the past. 

Some anecdotal evidence suggests that Amex may also approve your application for the Everyday credit card even if you are a first-time credit card applicant as long as your income meets their eligibility criteria and you don’t have any large existing debts.

Who is the Amex Everyday credit card for?

The Amex Everyday credit card is ideal for customers who want to collect American Express points through everyday purchases. As the card comes with no annual fee, it works as a low-cost starting point for people who are new to the credit card rewards game.

The points that you receive through American Express’s Membership Rewards program can be redeemed for services and benefits that match your lifestyle. Each point that you collect has a value of between $0.05 to $0.1 that can be exchanged for first-class air travel tickets, gift cards, and exclusive deals on online shopping websites. Points don’t expire and there’s no limit to how many points you can earn.

If you’re already an Amex customer with a collection of Membership Rewards points from another card, you could downgrade to the Amex Everyday credit card to continue growing your points collection without having to pay an annual fee.

How sustainable is the Amex Everyday credit card?

American Express is quite surprisingly a sustainability-focused company. Since the mid-2010s, they’ve set themselves apart from other financial giants by becoming strong supporters of the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

They’ve adopted policies guided by the science-based recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). They power their internal data centers and office facilities with 100% renewable energy, mainly through on-site solar installations and the use of carbon offsets and carbon credits.

They’ve also introduced credit cards made from recovered ocean plastics. In 2020, they rolled out recycling services for their credit cards, which may soon become available for the Amex Everyday credit card.

In addition to their green credentials, Amex has partnered with the online donation website, JustGiving, to let cardholders use their Membership Rewards points as donations. 

Customers can donate cash rewards to more than 1 million registered charities in the U.S. On Amex’s donation webpage, customers can select which environmental, community development, or clean energy development charities they wish to support with their rewards.

Other features of the Amex Everyday credit card

Aside from its easy points collection system, the Amex Everyday credit card comes with reasonable rates, fees, and perks to help you make the most of your spending habits.


Every new customer that signs up for the Amex Everyday credit card receives a 0% introductory APR on purchases for the first 15 months. After this period ends, customers are given a 12.99% to 23.99% variable APR on purchases, based on their creditworthiness.

If customers would like to receive cash advances from an ATM, they can do so for a rate of 25.24% on the balance that is accrued. In instances where customers miss one or more monthly payments or the payment is returned, you could be hit with a penalty APR of 29.99% that could be applied to your account for at least 6 months. 


Unlike most other Membership Rewards-earning cards from Amex, the Everyday credit card comes with no annual or balance transfer fees. A cash advance fee of $10 or 5% does apply if you want to borrow cash against your line of credit through a bank teller or an ATM.

And if you’re looking to use the Everyday credit card outside the U.S., you’ll be charged 2.7% of each foreign transaction after the amount is converted to U.S. dollars. It’s a relatively high amount to pay for each purchase you make so this card might not be ideal for spending on your trips abroad.

You may also be subject to penalty fees of up to $40 for late payments and returned payments, though there is no penalty fee for approved transactions that go over your credit limit. 


As mentioned previously, the Amex Everyday credit card is one of the best cards for helping you earn Membership Rewards points quickly. It allows you to earn 2 Membership Rewards points per dollar at supermarkets and when booking qualifying flight tickets, resort stays, and vacation packages through 

In addition, customers earn 1 Membership Rewards point per dollar on all other purchases, with the ability to earn a 20% bonus on all points collected during the billing cycle if more than 20 purchases are made during that period.

The points can be transferred to rewards programs with Amex’s travel partners. Your rewards points can be converted into Delta Skymiles, Hilton Honors, and Marriott Bonvoy points, among many others. They can also be used to redeem gift cards, statement credits, and deals on Amazon.

Other benefits

With the Amex Everyday credit card, you’re eligible for a variety of insurance and consumer protection benefits.

At select rental car partners, you can receive a secondary auto rental collision damage waiver when you reserve and pay for the car rental with your Everyday credit card. Alternatively, you may choose to be covered for damage to or theft of the rental vehicle if you decline the collision damage waiver and opt for this instead.

Plus, Amex helps you manage your spending by allowing you to send money and split purchases with any Venmo or Paypal user using the Amex Send & Split feature in the  Amex app. You’re also sent a year-end summary of charges to help you keep track of your spending. 

Most importantly, Amex offers all cardholders fraud protection. Customers won’t be held responsible for charges they think are fraudulent.

The Amex Everyday compared to similar Amex cards

You might also want to consider other rewards-earning credit cards such as the Amex Blue Cash Everyday or the Amex Everyday Preferred, both of which offer similar perks to the Amex Everyday credit card. 

The Amex Blue Cash Everyday pays back better cashback rewards than the Amex Everyday. It gives cardholders 3% cash back on groceries, 2% on gas, and 2% at select department stores. It’s a card that’s similarly oriented towards everyday purchases like the Everyday card but focused more on giving customers generous discounts on their purchases.

Similarly, the Amex Everyday Preferred card is an upgraded version of the Amex Everyday card. For a $95 annual fee, this card helps you earn 3 Membership Rewards points per dollar spent at supermarkets, 2 points for every dollar spent on gas, and 1 point per dollar for all other purchases. You can also earn a 50% points bonus on top if you use the card to make more than 30 purchases during the billing cycle.

Whether you’re looking for more cashback or more rewards points to supplement your lifestyle, these cards can help you.

Try another credit card that helps you do good for the planet every day 

For a credit card that helps you earn cashback while you save the planet, try Aspiration Zero. Offered by the environmentally friendly neobank, Aspiration, this card keeps track of the carbon emissions from all of your purchases and plants a carbon offset tree each time you buy something.

If you make 60 purchases in one month, Aspiration awards you a carbon-neutral status and offers you 1% unlimited cash back on all qualifying purchases made in that month. 

The Aspiration Zero is one of the most sustainable credit cards available today that can help you maximize your spending and your contributions to the planet. For more information about Aspiration Zero, join the waitlist here.

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