7 Reasons Why Saving for Retirement Matters

Callie Enlow and Angela Colley

If you don’t plan on working until you drop dead over your TPS reports, you’re going to need a retirement plan. Trouble is, nearly half of American families* don’t have anything saved for retirement at all.

While the age of grandpa’s company pension is long behind us, the assumption that somebody—our employer, our union, our spouse, our government—has our retirement savings all figured out for us lingers on. Unfortunately, our future selves don’t have time to wait on the development of a new national discourse on retirement. Here’s why:

Those stats are enough to make you want to curl up in a ball under your desk—or resign yourself to working until you’re 90—but that is not a life plan and you need a life plan. Whether you’re starting at age 25, 35, or 45, you can retire well if you have the right strategy.