Modern Day Feudalism and Other American Housing Trends

Seven articles examining housing in the United States—how we can buy it, rent it, afford it, transform it, and admire it.

Is This What Feudalism Looks Like in 2017?

San Francisco’s skyrocketing housing market has made it nearly impossible for most residents to own their homes. The solution might lie in rethinking the American Dream itself.

5 Houses That Were Also Visionary Artistic Masterpieces

From Mississippi to Russia, five structures so beautiful and strange they stopped travelers in their tracks.

The Shady, Unregulated Business of Cleaning up Former Meth Labs

Homeowners who unwittingly move into former meth labs face serious illness and expensive inspections. Plus the headache of hiring a trustworthy crew to clean up the noxious mess.

Everything you need to know about being a self-employed first-time home buyer.

Buying a home after the Great Recession still isn’t easy, but it is getting better—even for the self-employed.

Hey Millennials, Stop Ruining the Housing Market

Just like diamonds, department stores, and cable TV, millennials are killing the housing market. Or are they?

Thousands of People Showed Up to Celebrate Tiny Homes This Summer

We spoke to the organizer of the first-ever Tiny Houses and Green Living Freedom Fest about the event, the difference between an RV and a tiny house, and why cities should be planning for an influx of micro-homes.

How America is Killing Affordable Housing

The government has been quietly privatizing subsidized housing for years, jeopardizing the shelter of millions of our country’s most vulnerable citizens.