14 Gifts Your Mom Will Actually Want That Give Back

Liz Biscevic

Choosing a gift for your mom can be tough. They think of everything: they’re thoughtful, love harder than anyone else, and want to make the world a better place for their littles. Finding a gift that says “thanks for the zillion times you’ve helped me,” shows you put more thought into it than a lazy Amazon scroll, and is something she’ll actually like, is no easy feat. The solution? A gift that also gives something back, just like mom always does. These gifts are all sustainable, eco-friendly, and help create better futures for women and children around the world.

A hammock by Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Because who doesn’t want to swing their worries away on a beautiful, hand-crafted hammock? Picture your mom relaxing after a long day, cup of tea and book in hand, fully enjoying the gift you purchased. Good visual, right? Even better: Yellow Leaf Hammocks work directly with at-risk families to help them build long-term financial stability. By hiring and getting money directly to mothers, they empower families to bring themselves out of financial crisis without having to rely on a middleman or someone else’s rules.

Price: $199

The “Devoted” Necklace by PURPOSE Jewelry

In honor of Mother’s Day, PURPOSE created the Devoted necklace—a beautiful piece plated in 14-karat gold and featuring delicate pearls—perfect for moms. PURPOSE Jewelry is handcrafted by women escaping human trafficking. Through their nonprofit, International Sanctuary, these women are given job training and employment opportunities, education, health care, and counseling. When you buy PURPOSE jewelry, 100 percent of proceeds goes back into the program and directly helps women and girls. What makes this jewelry even more special is that each necklace is signed by the maker of the product and empowering the women who create them through ownership of their craft. And the jewelry is delicate and gorgeous, just like your mama.

Price: TBD

Rice Enzyme Exfoliant by Tatcha

Gifting this face polish is like gifting your mom fresh, glowy new skin. The rice bran and papaya enzymes promote natural skin detoxification, leaving her face baby soft and supple. It’s also naturally anti-aging and keeps skin looking radiant throughout the day. And, with every purchase Tatcha helps fund girls’ education in Asia and Africa through their partnership with Room to Read. So far they’ve funded 2 million days of school for girls who would otherwise not have been able to attend.

Price: $65

Deep Cleanse Mud Mask by B.A.R.E Soaps

Because moms need to be pampered, too. This deep cleansing mask is made from 100 percent mineral mud from the Dead Sea—the perfect goop for detoxifying, brightening, and toning her skin. It also feels great. But what feels even better is knowing the B.A.R.E Soaps brand has taken on projects that empower women, create new sanitation infrastructures in rural communities around Uganda and India, and set up resource centers that give children in need access to books, computers, vitamins, and sanitary essentials.

Price: $25

Wool house shoes from Chilote Shoes

Talk about women supporting women. These “slow made” slippers help Patagonian women living in vulnerable situations generate ethical income from their homes while maintaining traditional knitting methods. Because each pair is handcrafted, they foster independence through their artisan community in a way that few companies can. Plus, who wouldn’t want to slip their toes into soft wool after a long day?

Price: $76

Herbal Facial Kit from Mountain Rose Herbs

Pamper your mama with this complete facial kit. Made with quality herbs, essential oils, and pure rosewater, it’s a healthy and natural way to give her skin some TLC. Organically sourced and fair trade certified, Mountain Rose Herbs is the first company in Oregon to receive a Platinum Zero Waste Facility Certification. Their zero-waste policies make it possible for their entire warehouse to empty the dumpster only once a month by collecting and repurposing as many discarded manufacturing materials as possible. Mountain Rose Herbs also works with local and national nonprofits—especially ones related to plants and animals—through sponsorships, giving, and conservation work, so your mom will feel good supporting a company that gives back to the community.

Price: $32

Rescue Chocolates

Talk about good chocolate. Rescue Chocolates are organic, 100 percent vegan, fair trade certified, and handcrafted in the traditional Belgian style, so your mind and your taste buds can feel good about what you’re eating. But that’s not the best part. 100 percent of their net profits are donated to animal rescue organizations in the US. And what’s better than helping rescue fluffballs by eating chocolate? Nothing.

Price: varies

Natural Fragrance from Plant Therapy

Traditional fragrances are loaded with bad for you—and the planet—chemicals. Before even sampling an essential oil, Planet Therapy fragrance artists intensely research the background and reputation of the farmers, distillers, or suppliers, always making sure to choose only the most pure and trustworthy oils for their blends. If that isn’t enough, a portion of proceeds go toward local and international charities—like Toys for Tots, the Africa Heartwood Project, and Shriner’s Hospital for Children.

Price: $40

The Classic Key Collection by The Giving Keys

These necklaces are engraved with a word meant to inspire and empower—the perfect way to remind your mom how much you love her every day. The idea is that you wear the key until you meet someone who needs the message on the key more than you do, then you give it away. It’s a gift that’s sure to please, especially when you consider The Giving Keys employ people working their way out of homelessness.

Price: $40

Beige Arrow Blanket from Sackcloth and Ashes

These blankets are made in Italy from a 100 percent Italian recycled wool blend that’s certified eco-friendly and cruelty free—and the designs are what boho dreams are made of. Your mom will love wrapping herself like a burrito on a cold morning, adding texture and design to her bedroom, or using it at a park when she’s baby-sitting her grandkids (no pressure). They’re durable, soft, and perfect for moms everywhere. And, for every blanket purchased, Sackcloth and Ashes donates one to a homeless person.

Price: $109

A Cozy T-Shirt from Sevenly

These comfy tees and sweatshirts feature inspiring sayings and support a ton of different nonprofits and causes, including advancing resources for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, providing disaster relief, and ending human trafficking. Their “7-day cause campaigns” are essentially flash sales that let customers purchase products that create conversations and give back to socially good companies that need support. Plus, the clothes are so soft.

Price: varies

Designer Candle from Prosperity Candle

With clean designs, lovely scents, and a mission worth supporting, Prosperity Candles is a gift worth giving. Not only is there a candle for almost any home style, it arrives in a box that’s just as pretty as the product itself, along with a story card about the woman artisan or refugee who made it. There’s truly a story behind every candle, and your mom is sure to love the thoughtfulness and beauty of each piece.

Price: $28

Reusable Water bottle by Miir

Because water bottles go missing at least once every few months, right? And this sleek bottle is designed to fit perfectly into your mom’s car’s cup holder—perfect for that on-the-go mom. Plus, for every bottle you buy they provide water for someone in need, so your mom will be happy to know her gift went to a good cause.

Price: Varies

Silky Robe from Sudara

Each robe helps keep women and children in India out of sexual slavery and features unique, versatile prints perfect for lounging around the house or throwing over a pair of jeans and wearing out. Sudara helps women and children in India avoid sexual exploitation by providing living-wage jobs, skills training, and education.

Price: $79