13 Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Good For the World

Make Change Staff

Father’s Day is coming up—how are you going to celebrate your dad? Whether he taught you to drive or to cook, patched up scraped knees or lent a supportive ear when you needed one, there’s plenty of reasons to show your dad some love. We’ve rounded up a selection of the best gifts we could find for dads everywhere. And everything on this list also good for the planet. Each gift comes from an ethical company that gives back, supports workers, or so you can show the big guy you love him while you show the planet how much you care.

For men, finding hair and beard products that actually work and don’t smell like a high school gym locker room is tough. This year, help your dad out. Sourced from plants and crafted without added chemicals, Plant Therapy beard oil has nourishing ingredients like hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, and patchouli. The balm uses shea butter, beeswax, and sandalwood—herbs and oils that leave hair soft and well-maintained. Plant Therapy takes their ingredients seriously. They research the reputation of the farmers, distillers, and suppliers who they source from and choose only the purest of the bunch. They also give back. A portion of all proceeds go toward local and international charities—like Toys for Tots, the Africa Heartwood Project, and Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Price: $20

Fossil Stone Drink Cubes by Ten Thousand Villages

Image via Ten Thousand Villages

For the dad who likes his whiskey neat, these stylish fossil stone drink cubes are the socially good gift of his dreams. You simply freeze the cubes a day before use and viola: an ice-cold drink that doesn’t dilute your spirits. The cubes are crafted by underprivileged artisans in the city of Karachi who, in collaboration with Dominion Traders, can build a livelihood for themselves and their families through profit-sharing, pension plans, and medical benefits. Dad not into whiskey? Ten Thousand Villages offers ethically sourced wares crafted around the globe. You’re sure to find something unique that backs a cause your dad supports.

Price: $40

Socks With a Cause from Sock Problems

Your dad might have some problems, but socks shouldn’t be one of them. Unless, of course it’s a sock problem. These stylish foot gloves are the perfect gift for any dad. Plus, each purchase of a “sock problem” helps battle a prominent issue—like cancer, bullying, illiteracy, or gun violence. That’s something any dad can get behind.

Price: $16

Grilling Herbs by Mountain Rose Herbs

Because dads love to grill, and they’ll love it even more using only the freshest of blends. All Mountain Rose herbs and spices are organically sourced and fair-trade certified, but that’s not what makes the company stand out. Their zero-waste policies make it possible for their entire warehouse to empty the dumpster only once a month by collecting and repurposing as many discarded manufacturing materials as possible. They’re also the first company in Oregon to receive a Platinum Zero Waste Facility Certification. Mountain Rose Herbs also works with animal and plant-related local and national nonprofits through sponsorships, gifts, and conservation work, making it the sort of company your dad would be proud supporting.

Price: ($16.50/lb)

Does dad think most candles are too “girlie?” Enter the soy-based Apolis Global Citizen Transit Issue: Table Candle. Designed to remind you of home with an earthy cypress wood and fig scent, its amber jar is understated and elegant, letting your dad upgrade his man cave in the simplest way. And their business model is based on “advocacy through industry,” using the power of business to create social change through the idea that people can live better lives when given access to the global marketplace. Their candles are crafted and hand-poured by local candle makers. Packaging is done in partnership with organizations helping people with disabilities live a more fulfilling life. What’s not to love?

Price: $36

Conquer T-Shirt from United by Blue

Image via United by Blue

He conquered fatherhood, so here’s a shirt for it. Made with 100 percent super soft organic cotton, this crew neck features a hand-drawn graphic he’ll actually want to wear. Every product purchased removes a pound of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways through organized community cleanups. These events include contests for the weirdest trash found and trash weight guesses, encouraging relationships between people who normally wouldn’t have the chance to meet. Since 2010, United by Blue has removed over 1,584,581 pounds of waste from our waterways.

Price: $36

Lounge Pants by Sudara


Your dad works hard, so give him something cozy to wear on those lazy Sundays. Made from 100 percent cotton, each purchase helps women and children in India avoid sexual exploitation by providing living-wage jobs, skills training, and education. Plus, as trendy as the prints are (your dad can totally rock them to a hipster coffee shop), they’re subdued enough to not make him feel old.

Price: $54

A Pound of Potato Chips by Detroit Chips

Is your dad…kind of a couch potato? Then he’s sure to love this tin. Featuring barbecue, lemon pepper, and sea salt potato chips, it’s the perfect gift for a dad who just wants to chill on the couch with his snacks. Not only are these chips tasty, the company was founded by a group of Detroit workers who lost their jobs during the recession, restoring jobs, opportunity, and hope to people who need it most.

Price: $25

America the Beautiful Pass

Is your dad the outdoorsy type? This annual pass is his ticket into more than 2,000 federal recreation sites and covers entrance passes, day use fees, and parking. Not only will dad be able to explore to his heart’s content, but he’ll be supporting the places he cares most about in the process.

Price: $80

Wise Dopp Bundle by Wise Man Care

Because dads need self-care, too. This Dopp bundle grooming kit includes Glacier Clay Pomade, Birch Bark Daily Shampoo, and a Neem Wood Comb. Each product is made with all-natural ingredients, free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, fragrances, and other chemicals that aren’t that great for the body. Even better: all products are stored in reusable bottles and containers, and the bundle bag is made from high-quality cotton with a sustainable beech-wood clasp.

Price: $165 CAD

Black Leather Wallet by UNICEF Market

Handmade and crafted from supple black leather, this wallet maintains that classic look dads love. But the best part is that the cost of each wallet provides the money and resources to vaccinate 28 children against polio.

Price: $23

Farm Crafted Vodka by Prairie Organic Spirits

Brewed with slow care in Minnesota, Prairie Spirits vodka has a crisp, clean taste with just a hint of melon. All grain used in production is grown by local co-op farmers using centuries-old farming traditions and free of herbicides and pesticides. Since farmlands rely on natural insect predators like the brown bat and red fox, Prairie Organic Spirits are also creating habitats with each row of corn farmers plant. And leftover grain is used for livestock feed, closing the gap on waste. Available at Target, Whole Foods, and grocery chains nationwide.

Price: Varies

Spirit-Infused Coffee Bundle by Fire Department Coffee


Made by firefighters, this awesomely insane bundle includes spirit-infused, hand-blended coffee in bourbon, Irish whiskey, rum, and tequila flavors that all promise to spice up dad’s morning jolt. Fire Department Coffee employs locals and firefighters alike, helping to build their community. The company also recently launched their own foundation, providing financial help to injured first responders and their families. Bundles come in ground and whole-bean varieties.

Price: $75

Make your dad proud—give back to him for all he’s done for you, while also giving back to worthy organizations that help the planet! That’s what we call a win-win-win.