9 (Not Lame) Gifts For Women That Give Back

Liz Biscevic

Holiday shopping isn’t easy: Aside from the usual concerns over style, functionality, and taste, there’s also the desire to make your purchases matter—to the recipient and to the world. That’s a lot of pressure!

Each of these gifts are either made with recycled or eco-friendly materials, or donate to important causes, so you can feel good about your purchases. Plus, they’re super unique—perfect for that special someone in your life.

Shiffon Duet Pinky Ring

For the one you love: Timeless and elegant, this sterling silver ring is adjustable to any finger and comes with either a white or purple sapphire. Shiffon uses ethically sourced materials, designs in-house, and relies on New York artisans for creation. And here’s the best part: 50 percent of profits from the pinky rink go toward funding seed grants for female entrepreneurs and startups supporting female empowerment, so she can take pride knowing her accessory is making a difference.

Price: $90

C2C (Cradle to Grave) Yoga Mat by SugaMat

For the yogi: This 5mm mat, made from repurposed wetsuits, is perfect for all yoga and at-home workouts—even the super sweaty hot classes. Plus, SugaMat guarantees the C2G model for life. Anything happens to it and replacements are free.

Price: $99

Santorini Scarf by Bloom & Give

For the one with wanderlust: This classic cotton and silk scarf is lightweight, versatile, and perfect for any season. The design is crafted through a centuries-old hand block-printing process using nontoxic and AZO-free dyes, so each one is unique. Bloom & Give donates 50 percent of their profits toward girl’s education programs working to provide infrastructure in public schools, fight gender inequality in education, or re-integrate drop-outs in marginalized areas.

Price: $65

Moon Light from Apollo Box

For the romantic: This photorealistic mini-moon is perfect for unwinding after a long day or meditating in the early morning. The LED light emits a soothing glow of soft white or yellow light, creating a relaxing and inspiring ambiance, anytime. Also, it’s 3D printed using eco-friendly materials, so you’ll feel good knowing your purchase isn’t hurting the environment.

Price: $25

Jutti Flats by TOMS

For the fashionista: TOMS are getting chicer and chicer every year. These comfy flats (available in blush pink and shade gray) will become her office go-to and she can feel good knowing your purchase gave back with TOMS’ one-for-one business model. That means as you buy this gift for that special someone, you’re buying a gift for someone in need, too.

Price: $85

Mulberry Silk Eye Mask by The Ethical Silk Company

For the insomniac: This eco-friendly, pure silk eye mask offers comfort and pure darkness for your most restful sleep. The dyes used are low impact, AZO free, and mixed with treated and recycled water, so you don’t have to worry about putting anything gross on your face. Plus, you can sleep easy knowing the Ethical Silk Company donates 5 percent of profits to the Jeevan Jyothi AIDS Center and 5 percent to Focus Ireland—a nonprofit working to prevent homelessness.

Price: $35

David’s Tea


For the one who enjoys the finer things: This sustainable tea contains anti-oxidants and stress-reducing properties reported to do everything from reduce heart attacks to ease an upset stomach. Talk about the gift that keeps giving! Plus, David’s Tea is certified fair trade and plastic liner-free, making this purchase good for the body and the environment.

Price: $8 and up

Leela lounge pants by Punjammies


For the boho babe: Perfect for bedtime, lounging around the house, or those days when you just want to be cozy, these chic lounge pants are handmade in India by women at the highest risk of human trafficking. By gifting Punjammies, you’re contributing to providing these women a living wage and a life of freedom.

Price: $54

Determination Necklace by BeadforLife

For the workaholic: Made from glass seed and soft paper beads, this necklace was created to celebrate focus and persistence. Plus, BeadforLife invests profits from sales into entrepreneurial training programs for women in poverty so they can open small businesses, increase their incomes, and support their families.

Price: $37